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Bye Laws

1. Name of Society : Galaxy Central Govt. Officers Welfare Housing Society Ltd.
2. Membership : The membership of the society is open to serving/ retired employees of Central/State Government, PSUs, UT Admn. Autonomous Bodies, Corporations, Nationalised Banks etc. who has interest in the development of the society and abides by the rules & regulations as well as bye laws of the society without discrimination of the religions, casts, creed or colors but subject to the approval of the governing body.
3. Subscription : The rate of subscription for all the members shall be Rs. 50 per month and admission free Rs. 500 per member.
4. Refusal : The governing body of the society may refuse any person for the Membership, provided reasons for refusal shall be communicated to the person concerned in writing with reason.
5. Termination : The governing body of the society may terminate any member from society on the following grounds:
  1. On his/her death
  2. If the member fails to pay subscription for three successive years from the due date of paying subscription.
  3. If the member of the society works against the aims and objects of the society.
  4. If the member of the society tenders his/her resignation to the society.
  5. If the member fails to attend three successive meetings of the general body without intimation in writing. The reason for termination shall be communicated to the concerned member in writing.
6. Appeals : Every such expelled member shall have right to appeal to the general body of the society which may or may not be accepted. All the appeals shall be preferred to the general body of the society; the decision of the general body shall be final. The reason of rejection shall be communicated to the concerned member.
7. Re-Admission : In case an expelled/terminated member is re-admitted by the general body the same person/member shall have to pay all dues upto date. The decision of the general body shall be final.
8. Rights & Privilege of : Every member shall have right to participate in the membership general body meeting. Besides this, he/she shall be also right to vote in the meeting of the society. Every member shall be entitled to participate in the meeting, functions and get-together programmes of the society.
9. Quorum & Notice of the meetings :
A. General Body : There shall be a general body of the society consisting of all the members. The meeting of the general body shall be held once every year with 2/3rd quorum. No quorum shall be required in the adjourned meeting. An emergent meeting of the general body may also be summoned on the written request of 1/5th members of the general body within 15 days. The following business shall be transacted in these meetings:
  1. To prepare annual programs and policies.
  2. To discuss and to decide all such matters and issues which are directly or indirectly related to the affairs of the society.
  3. To pass annual budget of the society.
  4. To appoint in the qualified auditor for conducting annual audit of the society.
  5. To consider any other business brought forwards by the governing body.
B. Governing Body : There shall be a governing body of the society to look after and to manage the day to day affairs of the society. It shall consist of minimum 7 & maximum 10 members including the office bearers. The meetings of the governing body shall be held once every year with 2/3rd quorum. No quorum shall be required in at the adjourned meeting. An emergent meeting of the governing Body shall be held in 3 days. The following business shall be transacted in these meetings:
  1. To take necessary steps for the implementation of all the programmes and policies drawn by the general body.
  2. To approve the necessary expenditure to meet the day to day requirement of the society.
  3. To take decisions on application for membership
  4. To appoint committee for disposal of any business of the society or for advice on any matter pertaining to the society.
  5. To arrange finance if required from other banks institutions or individual on reasonable terms and conditions and the governing body as a whole is liable for its return.
  6. To appoint, terminate and fix duties of any staff.
  7. To receive, to have custody of and to expand the funds of the society and manage the properties of the society.
  8. To sue and defend all legal proceedings on behalf of the society.
  9. To take all such other legal steps which may appear beneficial for the smooth and better management of society.
  10. The following is the present structure/strength of the governing body. The Members of Governing body except at serial no. 1 (founder of the society)may be nominated unanimously or through general election/voting in the general body meeting to be held once every year with 2/3 quorum :
10. Power & Duties of the office bearers :
President :
  1. He/She preside all the meetings of general body and governing body.
  2. In case of quality of votes in any meetings, he/she shall tender his/her casting vote.
  3. He/She shall supervise work of other office bearers from time to time.
Vice President : In the absence of the President the Vice-President shall enjoy all powers and duties which are entrusted to the President. He/She will also assist to the President in his/ her duties from time to time.
General Secretary :
  1. He/She shall represent the society in public and private offices.
  2. He/She shall keep all types of records of the society including the register of members containing their names addresses & other brief particulars.
  3. He/She shall undertake all types of correspondence on behalf of the society.
  4. He/She shall convene the meetings of general body, governing body and inform every member regarding time date and venue of the meeting atleast 7 days in advance.
Secretary : In the absence of the General Secretary, the Secretary Shall enjoy all powers & duties which are entrusted to the General Secretary. He/She will also assist to the General Secretary in his/her duties from time to time.
Treasurer : He/She shall collect subscription, gifts, grants-in-aid and Donations from the members & the general public and Shall be responsible for keeping and maintenance of a true and correct accounts of the society’s fund.
Executive Member : They will assist in the day to day work of the society as directed by the President & General Secretary.
11. Financial Year : The financial year of the society shall be from 1st April to 31st March, of every year.
12. Audit of Accounts : The accounts of the society shall be audited by the qualified auditor every year to be appointed by the Governing Body.
13. Filling up Casual Vacancies : The Casual vacancies may be filled up by the resolution passed by majority of votes by both the governing body and general body up to the next election.
14. Election : The governing body of the society shall be elected for a term of 5 years in general body meeting. The raising hands shall be the mode of election. The list of newly elected governing body should be attested by three outgoing office bearers and it will be filed with registrar of the societies, Delhi.
15. Management : The activities of the society will be conducted/executed by an Executive Committee/Governing body. The society has been basically setup for the benefits of its members. So major issues of project and major decision regarding appointment of architect, contractor, designs, drawings, specifications, estimates, tenders, quality control, award of work, progress, measurements & payment of bills shall be done with the approval of the Executive Committee/Governing Body of the society.
16. Cost of Land : The members of the society have to pay the cost of land and further charges.
17. Loan Arrangements : The society may arrange loan from a nationalised bank as well as from private financer providing best available services (including rate of interest). Loan from second financial institution may be possible, however the approval of loan cannot be guaranteed. The quantum of these loans will depend on the repaying capacity of the beneficiary, which will be decided by the banks but in no case should exceed the value/cost of flat/property.
18. Late Payments : The rate of interest on late payment will be 24% per annum. The society has the right to terminate the membership and cancel the allotment without any further notice in case of default in making the scheduled payment beyond 90 days from the last date of payment. In such case, 10% of the cost/value of flat/property will be forfeited & balance, if any, will be refunded.
19. Ownership : A share certificate of Rs. 100/- will be provided to each successful member. At the time of execution of transfer deed in favour of a member, he/she shall have obtained NOC to register the dwelling unit in his/her own name or jointly (a) wife/husband (b) son/daughter including legally adopted children. (c) parents/brother/sister and (d) widowers.
20. Transfer of membership : A member can transfer his/her membership without paying any charges for first transfer thereafter a charge @Rs. 25 per sqft to be paid by the buyer to the society.
21. Withdrawal from scheme :
  1. Registration amount of Rs.11000/- is non-refundable
  2. If member wishes to withdraw from the scheme, he/she shall submit a written request to the society along with the original receipts issued by the society against registration & booking amount and no claim certificate on non-judicial paper of Rs.10/-.
22. Liability of the Society : The society will only provide services. It can in no way be held responsible for any claim of damages which may arise due to any reason what so ever.
23. Amendment to the rules of the society : The Governing Body of the society is empowered to alter/ amend the rules as well as the memorandum of association. However any amendment hindering the fulfilments of the aims and objects of the society is liable for dissolution by the veto power of the Founder-President. Any member of the society in case of his/her non-adherence to the rules and regulations of the society including the governing body is also liable for termination by the veto power of Founder-President. The Founder-President of the society shall have the privilege and authority to appoint a new successor in his place on account of the transfer, resignation, retirement, death or in any such eventuality.
24. Arbitration : All the matters of dispute relating to the society rules, which are liable to affect the right of the member vis-a-vis the society shall be reported to the president of the society. The president of the society shall appoint an arbitrator to adjudicate in the matter, whose decision shall be final and binding on the member and the society. Request for arbitration of a dispute will be entertained only if it is made within one months of the cause of the action and prior to taking possession of the house. Possession will not be given till the arbitration proceedings are complete.
25. Legal Proceedings : All suits and legal proceedings of any kind against the society shall be instituted only in the appropriate courts in Delhi. All the arbitration proceedings/hearings shall be held in Delhi only

Certificate Of Registration